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Who I teach

I teach all ages and abilities. Maybe your child won’t stop singing and dancing and you want them to channel that into a new skill? Maybe you’re retired and you want to try something new or pick up where you left off when you were younger? 


Whatever your starting point and whatever your goal, we’ll work together to find your path.

Where and when I teach

Face-to-face lessons starting in Keighley September 2024. Get in touch now to book a trial in the summer holidays. Lessons will be available Monday to Saturday.

Online lessons available now.

My five-finger values and principles

These guide how I teach, so that all students love learning and become well-rounded musicians.


1. Your musical journey is all about you

We are all different. We learn in different ways and we like different things. Your path is your own in our lessons. I will be there to guide you but you choose where you go! You will have a say in what kind of musician you want to be, whether or not you want to do exams, what pieces you learn, what learning games you want to play. This is your journey.


2. Music is so much more than reading notes

I want you to become a well-rounded, confident musician. I’ll help you not only to learn, play and understand music but to get creative and explore making your own, whether that’s improvising on the spot or spending time composing your next masterpiece!


3. Music is for everyone

Music is powerful. Music is magic. It gives us a way to express ourselves, to be mindful, to escape, to heal, to grow and achieve. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience it, and I want to create and nurture that for as many people as possible.



4. Partnership makes progress

You are in charge of your progress, and I’m here to facilitate that. Practice is key, so together we will find what works for you and what helps you connect to what you’re learning, so you can keep moving forward.


5. We learn best when we have fun!

Learning should be enjoyable, and the best learning happens when you’re relaxed, when you’re engaging with what you’re learning and when you’re learning your way.

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